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Collaborative Family Law

About Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Law is a process that enables divorcing couples and couples involved in other family law disputes, each represented by counsel, to resolve their differences in a non­adversarial setting.

How Does The Collaborative Process Work?

Collaborative Law, also known as Collaborative Practice is a non-adversarial form of alternative dispute resolution that operates in an environment grounded in good faith, cooperation, integrity, honesty and professional ethics to facilitate the resolution of the couple’s differences without the threat of litigation. Although Collaborative Practice is a legal process, in the Collaborative Divorce process, the couple and a team of specially trained Collaborative Professionals, including neutral Mental Health and Financial Professionals, as needed, enter into a contract called a Participation Agreement wherein they agree to work together to achieve a satisfactory settlement in a cooperative manner without court intervention.

The cornerstone of the Participation Agreement is that if the matter does not resolve, the lawyers must withdraw from the case and can never represent their clients in court. The participants voluntarily disclose all relevant information and agree to cooperatively resolve all issues outside of litigation. Settlement is accomplished through informal discussions, settlement conferences, mediations and other amicable alternatives. Collaborative Family Law Professionals more efficiently and effectively work together toward settling your case rather than preparing for and conducting a trial, resulting in savings, financially, emotionally and relationally for divorcing couples and their family. The Collaborative process can also be utilized to resolve other legal matters including the drawing up of pre and post-marital contracts, and disputes outside of the family law arena.

Financial Professionals

Both William Howard, CFP® and Jeff Clark, CFP® are both fully certified in the Collaborative Family Law process and are members of the Collaborative Family Law Professionals of South Florida and The Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals.